Magnolia Close, Kirk Sandall, Doncaster, DN3 1JG

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Kirk Sandall Junior School

Kirk Sandall 7 - Our Learning Powers



These will support our children to become autonomous, resilient and life-long learners.




We listen to each other.


We give suggestions.


We ask questions to deepen our thinking.






We share ideas.


We work as a team to succeed.


We value everyone’s contribution.




We don’t waste a minute of learning time.


We take pride in what we do.


We are always looking for our next challenge.



We have a go and do not give up.


If we get stuck, we try another way.


We learn from our mistakes.





We recognise what we have done well.


We take time to think about our new learning.


We think about our next steps for improvement.



It’s not that we can’t do something, it’s that we can’t do it yet.


We can do anything if we try.


Positive Attitude


We believe we can do it from the start.


We have a go.


Mistakes are good and help us learn.