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Kirk Sandall Junior School

Parent Forum

Background to the Parent Forum (formerly the PPIPs Group)

The  group was formed in June 2007 following presentations in school on how the role of parents/carers is critical to raising achievement in school. It identified ways that parents and carers could support their children. A small group of parents offered to set up a working group within the pyramid and this was where PPIPs began. In the summer of 2013, it was decided to rename the group Parent Forum.
Aim of Parent Forum
The aim of the group is to enable parents to understand and support their children's learning. By getting involved in your child/children's learning and education, they have a greater chance at succeeding at school and making it a more positive experience for all involved.

The group works closely with the school, acting as parental representatives, building relationships with the Head, teaching staff and Governing Body by getting to know how the school operates and how/what they teach our children.

The group works in partnership with the school and focus on the following activities:

  • Provide an informal channel of communication between parents and school staff.
  • Create opportunities to discuss any common concerns with school or parents.
  • Improve communication and sharing of information within the school.
  • Support and develop methods of transition and integration of pupils at key years in school i.e: Y2 to Y3 and Y6 to Y7 or throughout all school years as required.
  • Develop and support educational/extension workshops to meet the school team and learn teaching methods.
  • Provide help and support in the classroom and on school events and trips.
  • Involve parents and pupils in key decision-making.
  • Building strong relationships with Hungerhill.
  • Organise social events and fundraising opportunities.

Parents (currently 12 parents)
Teaching staff
Focus Groups 
1. Communication and information
2. Education and learning
3. Integration and transition
4. Fundraising

The  group meets in school on a half termly basis or as required depending on the activities ongoing in school.

We welcome new members so please come and join us and get involved in your child?s school, education and future.
Contact Details
Zoë Piggott
Tel: 01302 881531 or 07792 562238


or please leave us a message at the Reception in school.