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Kirk Sandall Junior School


Introducing the THRIVE Approach

To fulfill our aim of creating successful children who engage better in their learning and gain skills for future successes in society we are excited to be adopting an approach to support emotional development known as ‘Thrive’.

The Thrive approach is based upon latest research into brain development and acknowledges that the brain has incredible plasticity. This means that new pathways can be developed in a child’s brain! Through the use of Thrive tools we can support a child to develop new pathways where they are needed most by using skilled assessment around six Thrive Developmental Strands.

Our Thrive practitioner, Mrs Laura Burgin, has completed training, developing the necessary knowledge and skills to work with the wider staff team in deliverance of effective strategies and activities to support the emotional development of children. These tried and tested strategies and activities are individualised for children and their families to provide unique experiences, which done repeatedly with a familiar adult do many things including:

    • developing a child’s strong sense of self-worth
    • supporting a child’s growing capacity to make sense of the world
    • supporting the development of neuronal pathways in the brain that positively contribute to healthy stress management systems
    • enabling a child to be able to think whilst having strong feelings
    • building a child’s ability to be able to make choices about their behaviour
    • building a child’s capacity to self-soothe and understand their emotions.
    • Benefits for Children
  • At times we will use Thrive approaches with individual children whilst on other occasions the approaches are tailored to meet the needs of whole classes. 
  • For individual children we will work hand in hand with them and their families to complete assessments and observations to develop personalised activity programmes.
  • The emphasis is on providing positive, descriptive feedback to children.  Activities are based on the arts and unleashing children's creative talents.  Using puppets, sand trays, feathers, mirrors, sensory blocks and raw materials to enable children to creatively express their thoughts, emotions and sensations. Evidence shows that by working in this extremely focused way with individual children it can really make a difference to their social and emotional resilience.For further information you can visit or contact Mrs Laura Burgin  (Inclusion Leader/SENCo) in school.