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Kirk Sandall Junior School


English - English is the medium through which all learning takes place. The emphasis is on the children's ability to express themselves thoughtfully in writing and in speech. They will also study progressive programmes of English grammar, spelling, handwriting and reading. They will have the opportunity to write for a wide range of purposes and audiences. They will have the chance to participate in role-play and drama. Our school follows the Primary Framework for Literacy within the teaching of English. Details of this programme are available upon request.

Mathematics - Children work at all facets of Mathematics to include work on number, algebra, shape, space, measures and data handling. The organisation of the work is aimed at levels best suited to the children's individual needs. The school incorporates the Primary Framework for Mathematics within all 4 year groups. Details of this programme are available upon request.

Science - As one of the three core subjects in the National Curriculum, there is a marked emphasis on the time allocation for the teaching of Science and a programme of study has been devised which will ensure continuity and progress throughout the 4 years that the children will spend at the junior school. During this time they will adequately cover all the requirements set out within the National Curriculum and a good deal of the work that your child will undertake will be of a practical nature, developing their observational, investigational and experimental skills.

Design and Technology - Children will develop an ability to use a range of tools and materials, safely and accurately and acquire knowledge of structures, mechanisms and simple electrical systems, so that they may enjoy designing and making useful quality products.

History - History is taught to help children gain an understanding of the past and appreciate that things change over time.

Geography - Geography is taught to encourage children to investigate and understand the world in which they live.

Music - Music plays an important and lively role in school. All children have the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of musical experiences. During their time at our school, children will take part in the Wider Opportunities Music Scheme. This will involve every pupil learning how to play a musical instrument for a year, free of charge. Currently this exciting opportunity is offered in Year 4. The school is particularly proud of its orchestra, which meets at regular intervals and is available to all children who are learning an instrument. We can offer a wide range of musical instrument tuition for your child. Please make contact with our Music Co-ordinator, Mrs Addy, if you require additional information.

Art - Children will have the opportunity to enjoy and develop their creative skills and techniques using different media and equipment to produce both 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional works of art. They will also be encouraged to learn from the great works of the past and other cultures.

Religious Education - Religious Education consists of regular morning assemblies with supplementary work in the classroom. Parents wishing their children to be withdrawn from religious education and instruction should write to the Headteacher. Secular work will be arranged for these children. The school has no specific religious affiliations with any denominational church or religious sect. Collective worship is a daily part of the life of the school and is incorporated within the school's RE framework.

PSHE - Programmes of study, which relate to matters of personal hygiene, good health and potential health hazards, including the dangers and abuse of certain substances, have been devised to make children, aware of treating their bodies with the utmost respect. Approaches to sex education, taking account of the physical and emotional development of children will also be delivered and will incorporate such topics as friendships, family and the need for love and trust within such relationships. Wherever possible, matters of both Health and Sex Education will form a natural part of the Science Curriculum, although there will be certain areas which do not fall within the scope of Science and these will be dealt with separately during PSHE lessons. The school nurse also helps in this area of the Curriculum.

Computer Studies (ICT) - Introductory and developmental work designed to foster confidence, understanding and operational competence with the computer and its associated components. The school is linked to the Internet and children will have the opportunity to use the research facilities associated with this resource. Access to the Internet is filtered via an educational service provider. We have a suite of 15 computers, in addition to those in our classrooms. We also have a laptop trolley with 15 laptops, a netbook trolley with 30 netbooks and an iPad trolly with 3 iPads. All our computers are fully networked.

Physical Education and Games - Children experience a wide programme of activities, which include gymnastics, athletics, dance, games and swimming. Out-of-school team sports include football, field hockey, rounders and netball arranged according to their appropriate season.
No subject choice options are available to pupils within the Key Stage we deal with here at the Junior School level.

Homework Policy
Children in all year groups are given homework assignments to complete on a weekly basis, appropriate to their age and progress level. The logic here is that if a child from the outset begins to accept responsibility for organising themselves within a homework pattern, these skills will prove highly beneficial to them in the later stages of their educational career.

Project Visits
Periodically you will be asked to make a voluntary contribution towards the cost of taking your child out of the classroom on visits connected with project work which will then be followed up in the classroom situation. These visits are crucial
to your child's programme of work and are carefully selected for their educational potential. In one or two cases the costs may be expensive. If you experience any difficulty in meeting the cost of these trips, or indeed there are any other problems you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to let us know.