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Kirk Sandall Junior School



Kirk Sandall Curriculum Intent Statement



Kirk Sandall Junior School is committed to meeting the requirements of the National Curriculum for Primary Schools introduced in September 2014. The Government site describing the curriculum can be found here: 

Our curriculum is based upon the Knowledge Schools Trust’s Primary Knowledge Curriculum. This is a carefully sequenced, knowledge-rich curriculum which aims to inspire pupils and promote excellent outcomes for all.

The curriculum content has been carefully chosen by subject experts and is organised in a coherent way, ensuring children can build on their knowledge from year to year. In this way, the knowledge in the curriculum is cumulative, constructing firm foundations from which children can progress and develop deeper conceptual understanding and subject-specific skills over time.

Curriculum coherence ensures that teaching does not jump from topic to topic, but enables children to develop knowledge over time, as well as a love of subjects. Subject content is crucial to this approach- the rich content of the curriculum inspires children and plants the seeds for a lifetime of learning.

To find out more about the Primary Knowledge Curriculum, please click here to visit their website. 

The curriculum is adapted to reflect our local context and the children’s interest. It is our intention to deliver a curriculum which is accessible to all and that will maximise the development of every child’s ability and academic achievement. We have identified key drivers for our curriculum. 


Kirk Sandall Junior School’s curriculum intentions are: 


Powerful Knowledge

At Kirk Sandall Junior School, we aim to ensure that our pupils receive a broad and balanced curriculum, as detailed in The Primary Curriculum 2014, which engages and excites them and instils a desire to learn - both in and beyond the classroom. We want the curriculum to prepare our pupils for the next stage of learning by ensuring that they achieve to their full potential. 

Cultural Capital

We aim to broaden our children’s outlook on the world through a range of rich and challenging first- hand experiences. As a school, we strive to ensure that we produce learners who are good citizens of the school and the wider community. We do this in a number of ways by taking every opportunity to teach respect, tolerance, forgiveness, understanding and good manners. 


To design a curriculum which encourages the following learning behaviours: resilience, collaboration, talk, reflection, determination, effort and positive attitude. We believe it is important that our children have a curriculum that enables them to become autonomous, resilient pupils who know how to learn and have the ambition to achieve their goals. 


As a school, we want our pupils to understand language and be able to communicate in a range of settings and situations. Language and the acquisition of language is taught in every area of the curriculum so that children feel confident in expressing their thoughts, feelings and opinions to a wide ranging audience and in a variety of ways.