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Kirk Sandall Junior School

Safeguarding - Roles and Responsibilities


The Designated Senior Member of staff for Safeguarding (Child Protection) /Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) are: Janet Foster (Executive Headteacher & Jayne McAllister (Head of School).

The Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads are: Joanne Addy & Pauline Earnshaw

The Designated Teacher for Looked After Children is: Kira Nithsdale

The Nominated Child Protection/ Safeguarding Governor is: Jo-Ann Hiskey

The Nominated Governor for Looked After Children is: Jo-Ann Hiskey 

The named CSE lead is: Jayne McAllister, Head of School

The named FGM lead is: Jayne McAllister, Head of School

The named on-line protection officer is: Jayne McAllister, Head of School

The named complaints handler is: Jayne McAllister, Head of School

The Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) is: Jim Foy Contact Details: 01302 737748

More Information

Headteacher/Senior Manager: responsible for implementing policies and procedures, allocating resources to the
safeguarding team and addressing staff safeguarding concerns.
Name: Jayne McAllister Tel no: 01302 882827

Designated Safeguarding Lead / Child Protection Liaison Teacher or Officer (DSL/CPO):  senior member of
the leadership team, responsible for dealing with safeguarding issues, providing advice and support to other staff,
liaising with the local authority, and working with other agencies.

Name: Jayne McAllister Tel no: 01302 882827

Deputy Child Protection Lead / Teacher or Officer(s): a member of the teaching, support or pastoral staff, in a
post which requires assessment of children, with sufficient status and authority to effectively deputise for the CPLT/O
role above. Cannot be an administrative or finance worker.
Name: Joanne Addy Tel no: 013028 882827

Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo): staff member who provides advice, liaison and support for
school staff and other agencies working with pupils with special educational needs and their parents or carers.
Name: Kira Nithsdale Tel no: 01302 882827

Looked After Children (LAC) Designated Teacher: promotes the educational achievement of ‘looked after’ children
who are on the school roll, and helps staff understand issues that affect how they learn and achieve.
Name: Jayne McAllister Tel no: 01302 882827

Your Safeguarding Children Team also links in with the:
Safeguarding/Child Protection Governor: ensures there are appropriate safeguarding children policies and
procedures in place, monitors whether they are followed and, together with the rest of the governing body, remedies
deficiencies and weaknesses that are identified.

Name: Jo-Ann Hiskey Tel no: 01302 882827

Chair of Governors: takes the lead in dealing with allegations of abuse made against the Headteacher (and other
members of staff when the Headteacher is not available), in liaison with the Local Authority; and on safe recruitment
practices with the Headteacher.
Name: Bill Peacock Tel no: 07798636732

E-safety Coordinator: to develop and maintain an e-safety culture within a school.
Name: Alan Roberts & Heather Audsley Tel no: 01302 882827

Learning Mentor (or equivalent): addresses difficulties preventing a child from reaching their full potential e.g.
behaviour, attendance, achievement, timekeeping, homework, safeguarding issues, and develops strategies to
overcome these barriers.
Name: Claire Howe Tel no: 01302 882827